"Coaching hasn't happened unless there's been a shift in thinking and therefore behaviour".

Martin Goodyer

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An invitation from Martin Goodyer MAC MBPsS

Advanced Coaching Skills
For both beginners and experienced coaches

The coach gets 9 months of development including all that's detailed above. They get their accommodation provided in a four star hotel on the marina in Tenerife and breakfast each morning. They get all their training materials provided on a tablet computer that is theirs to keep after using it during the training, along with a quality note book for detailing their personal learning. They get support material for use either for their own development or with their clients shared via Dropbox (all the flip charts are photographed each day and uploaded for participant review and summaries of academic reports are made available for learning purposes). They join a private group via social media to share experiences and opportunities. They are offered opportunities to develop peer supervision arrangements after participating in CPD supervision workshops. They are guided in producing a portfolio that matches the criteria required for AC accreditation at the appropriate level - something that can be tricky to achieve with our guidance and support.

In return the coach pays a flat fee that for the November 8th intake is £899 (sharing a twin room) or £1099 (for single occupancy). The coach will be met at the airport and given all their training materials and welcome information. Taxis to the hotel cost approximately €15 or less if travelling with fellow participants. During the training we facilitate teas coffees and lunch by taking your orders and ensuring that no time is wasted during the training days. This is provided on a 'pay for what you use' basis. As a budgeting guide, at the end of the week the first cohort bills ranged from €40 to €60 for the week. Internet access is included in your accommodation rate for the duration of the training (however this is a hotel service and therefore we can't guarantee the speed or reliability so please don't anticipate streaming movies in your room!) Participation in the research is limited to you agreeing to provide conditional access to your clients over the term of the PhD research; the condition being that the client agrees. If for any reason your client does not want to either be interviewed or complete a questionnaire then they will not be pressured to do so.

If this is the right ‘fit’ for you. you will join a team of enthusiastic, intelligent and ambitious coaches committed to being the best 'facilitative' coaches they can be. Everyone benefits; me by having a great team behind me, your clients by accessing even better coaching, and you by experiencing the best that I can bring to you.

If this sounds attractive, and I sincerely hope it does, then watch the video in the first instance and then take it from there.

Martin Goodyer

Take a quick look at the videos and let them help you make up your mind to come and join us!

Want accreditation?


Watch the video below to hear about the programme from participants on the January group:

Watch the video below to see details of where the training takes place and the hotel included in the fee:

If you would like to join the final cohort of specially trained coaches supporting Martin in his PhD research then you need to apply quickly

The final cohort start their 9 month journey with a 5 day intensive training and coaching practise programme in Tenerife from November 8th to 12th 2014 inclusive.

This course is usually significantly more expensive and equips a person to become a professional executive or business coach. However I'm offering it at just 999 euros or £899 in the UK (with just a small condition!)

BTW properly trained coaches can work all over the world using technology like Skype etc - learn how to earn more than 100 euros an hour AND make use of your experience to help other people achieve their goals.

Essential Information:
While this is NOT an AC programme it has been designed with their knowledge and support to reflect the requirements of AC coach accreditation