The iABCt Certificate in Business Coaching is aimed at appropriately experienced individuals practicing as professional business coaches. It provides both those already practicing as consultants or mentors as well as those desirous of utilising their experience in this way with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively as business coaches in the SME (Small and medium sized businesses) arena. The Certificate in Business Coaching is a foundational programme essential to anyone wishing to apply their previously learned business skills and knowledge as a professional business coach.

The Certificated programme is made up of four distinct areas of assessment. Each of these units deals both with a testing of skill, underpinning knowledge and coaching application. All four units are mandatory and must pass assessment for the certificate to be granted.

The first of the four mandatory sections is a week long residential programme of coaching theory and practise sessions. This is hosted at one of the iABCt venues in Tenerife and takes advantage of the long warm days to facilitate a positive training environment. This is an intensive week of learning and coaching ‘real-play’; days typically are long and provide the backdrop to an outstanding learning experience. The second unit comprises of a series of telephone based practise coaching sessions with fellow participants including two supervised sessions; the final one of which is assessed. The third element is a written assignment based on a real business coaching issue; in which the participants critically review the role of business coaching and the contribution business coaching to both individuals and the organisation concerned. The final unit comprises of a personal coaching skill review, details of at least 25 hours of direct business coaching a reflection on personal performance and a critical review of personal developments and improvements.

 Professional Qualification: ‘Licence’ to become a CBBC Coach

Guided Learning          Minimum 50 hours

Duration                    Completion in 1 year

Structure                    Residential Business School in Tenerife

                                Personal tutorial support – minimum 2 hours                                                                

                                Group supervision (post Tenerife) – minimum 3 hours                                                                

                                Written Assessments – completed within 10 months

 Assessments              Business School performance  Written assignment ‘Real-play’ practise session performance

                                Coaching diary and reflection

Entry Requirements                            

There are no formal entry requirements however it is anticipated that in all but exceptional circumstances a minimum of 7 years senior management experience and some evidence of further or higher education will be required to become a credible business coach. There is no requirement to have completed a lower level qualification in coaching, although previous exposure to coaching methodology will obviously be an advantage. Exceptional learners who have no formal qualifications in business but considerable business related experience will also be considered.