An invitation to join a Strictly Business ‘Entrepreneurs Circle’ is an opportunity to use the skills, contacts, connections and support of a small group of like-minded business owners and substantially grow your business.

"Opportunities like this are rare, particularly here in Tenerife. I'm delighted to be supporting this initiative. My own business has benefited immensely from business coaching from an expert, mentoring from those who've trodden the path before, and from regularly speaking with other business owners sharing similar goals to my own. The Strictly Business groups are a fabulous way of replicating that success for others who want it too." Chris Pennington, Managing Director, CIC.

Circles are made up of SME and micro-business entrepreneurs eager to grow their revenues. Membership is paid annually. The first year’s fee is slightly more because it includes specialist help with the setting up of material and training for making the most of the Internet and social media for your business. It also includes all your support meetings and the provision of immediately useful business development information. You will be given confidential information gathered by our own information gathering service regarding visitors to the island. Where possible you will learn in advance about visiting groups and people with specific interests that might be of use to you. The goal of each Entrepreneurs Circle is to grow and develop together, both as businesses and as people.

Entrepreneurs Circle

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In addition to the fixed group sessions the iABCt will also provide specialist business education events from time to time. Strictly Business group members are always offered places in advance of them being publicly available and at a significantly reduced rate.

How it works:

If you are invited to join a Strictly Business Entrepreneurs circle it will be because you have either expressed an interest in business development or have been recognised as having the potential to benefit from the programme.

The circles are facilitated by Chris Pennington and guided by master business coach Martin Goodyer. Membership is for 12 months and is renewable. Each circle has a very specific and shared set of circumstances. All have at least one goal in common: to significantly grow their revenues and generate increased profit.

Chris will meet with you individually and complete a detailed analysis of the goals and aims you have for your business and the part you wish to play in it. You will then be invited to join a new group, the other members of which share similar goals and ambitions or face similar challenges. The group will meet once every six weeks for a full morning or afternoon and will be led by Business Coach Martin Goodyer. In between these sessions each group member will have a personal 'Skype' coaching session with Martin. Throughout Chris Pennington will be on hand locally to consult or just chat to regarding the work of the circle or specific actions being undertaken. Circle members are automatically invited to all business related and networking activities undertaken by CIC.

At a Glance:


Year 1 €2000 includes website, social media and related training, 8 Entrepreneur Circle meetings, monthly personal coaching, access to business development information, invitations and inclusion in business related events

Year 2 onwards €1500 annually* full membership of the Entrepreneur Circle and associated benefits (as above)

“Can you afford not to?”